Another Goblin Slayer Controversy? Rising of Shield Hero 1st Impressions

A new anime season another controversy!

Is the rising of shield hero really another goblin Slayer?

Here’s my first impressions for rising of hero shield episode 1.

Let me just mention that I did go into this anime pretty blind, everything I only know is based on a light novel which is fairly popular. it is an isekai series that’s been getting a lot of praise and I did hear about a potential controversy like goblin slayer.

Anyway let’s get started my first impressions.

It is a typical isekai fantasy world setting have you seen something like Konosuba, Rezero, the slime isekai airing right now pretty much the same thing. the premise of this one is that yeah 4 heroes that got summoned.

that’s right all these heroes got summoned instead of freaking car smashed or killed in some other dreadful way. this is some adventurer type of setting each of them actually got assigned a unique weapon either a sword, spear I think a bow and the fucking shield guess which one the main character got?

As for the actual problem of this isekai world gotta kill the demon king right? I know that’s what you’re thinking but you might be a little bit off. the main issue at hand is something they’re calling the wave of the destructions that’ll eventually wipe out the whole kingdom or world.

this kingdom that summon them has already experienced the first one. the next one is coming in like a month. good thing about the heroes is that even
though they got a weapon they start at level 1 so now all the heroes gotta leave on their journey to level up and gain some fighting and adventurer experience. the fun little twist is then none of these guys can work together!

Oh that frickin sucks for shield guy! so let me actually touch on the little
twist for this isekai series. first off you have four heroes instead of one they’re not overpowered at least not yet. And specifically about that shield as expected this main character got royally screwed over. he’s got all this defense which provides some protection from pain but without any real offense. in case you’re wondering why he doesn’t just get a freaking sword your main weapon or in this case that shield prevents that. to make matters even worse each hero gets her own party from their Kingdom warrior which initially sounds awesome except that no one wants to be in the freaking shield heroes party.

It seems like the shield here already got a bad reputation from the previous shield hero. it also doesn’t help that the main character doesn’t know crap about videogames. he’s a self-proclaimed otaku but strictly for light novels. I mean really how does someone have no gaming experience in this age so just looking at the initial setup this guy’s got royally screwed up with that damn shield.

I was just thinking was this guy gonna be more like Subaru or Kazuma which I’m sure you’re thinking too but anyway I did mention a goblin Slayer at the beginning so what exactly is the controversy? What the hell is it this time?

Let me just say that I’ve been hearing about this for months so I was expecting something like goblin slayer episode 1or borderline. So get this this guy got accused by his female party member of sexually assaulting her. now the kingdom and world thinks of this guy as a freaking rapist. of course none of that is true before all of that happened that redhead played him like a freakin fiddle. She got him to practically spent all his startup gold on her armor and weapons before taking the rest. super classy. On top of this keep in mind that they do mention in the first episode how this is a matriarchy Kingdom in other words females are in charge.

They explicitly mentioned how sexual assault is grounds for execution. The only reason this guy isn’t killed on the spot is because he’s a chosen hero. As to what exactly there’s a controversy I actually got to the end of the episode and thought it might be the slavery thing since this world does have demi-human slaves but now it turns out I missed it.

It was the stuff that happened in the middle of Episode which honestly I think is pretty silly. if you’re still confused let me spell it out. from what I’ve been looking into apparently some places claim that this is promoting or highlighting or even putting a positive light on false sexual assault claims.

That the author’s supposing putting down females and abusing sexual assault claims from actual victims. yeah I’m not joking. to be honest I was like are you fucking serious. I mean in the story you have the redhead in question who accused a guy and then that scumbag who’s likely working with her. They aren’t exactly painted in a good light at all. It honestly really
feels like these people and places are screaming controversy or overreacting for the sake of it

bright side I guess this anime is gonna get a lot of free advertising. I mean just look at what happened to freaking goblin slayer. if it wasn’t for that first episode I think people would have forgotten about it. it definitely wouldn’t have gotten as much attention which it honestly did into Japan but anyway getting back into the actual story set up and I know they’re trying to make this shield weapon look lame but unfortunately you actually have a great example over here oh using it with Captain America on the big screen.

There’s a lot of obvious potential here.for the actual guy it seems like he started off as this nice friendly guy and then got really screwed over by this world so now this guy isn’t friendly one bit.

As for some of my potential negatives so far this is the typically sekai fantasy world setting. you got the kingdoms, slaves, tier ball
monsters. I’m really hoping that some

purpose so far and that slowly it’ll be fleshed out more as you follow this guy’s journey. The only thing that’s a little different for this world is the thing they mentioned about it being ruled by females. I’m not sure with that only applies to the kingdom although I am sure there’s a lead to the main character getting screwed over some more.

For the actual animation I honestly didn’t see anything special so far when he had the guy playing with his balls and that even looked lower quality although I can’t blame them too much this was a longer episode that’s why I’m expecting or hoping for some amazing future action scenes.

now let me actually mention something I’m liking which is really just a very interesting setup this time in this isekai anime

You have actual other heroes. other heroes who are in a way better position than you.

Also you’re just seen as a sexual assaulter. I meanted before then I was wondering whether he was more like Kazuma or Subaru but this guy ended up getting screwed up worse. Kazuma is just Kazuma and Subaru could screw up all he wants sent just freaking reset. Too bad this guy can’t.

On top of this that frickin shield it seems ultra lame at first but it can actually lead to some very interesting fights. definitely something new for anime

I’m thinking if he actually goes freakin Captain America on their ass. there’s some huge potential there. As for some hopes for this series this being any isekai series please please don’t get this overpowered main character and also please don’t go the harem route. And just another fun one is that I hope they don’t abuse a cg for potential soldiers or other monsters.

Overall for the rising hero episode one I gotta say I’m definitely interested.

This being a double length episode really helps it really reminds me of what ReZero or recently SAO Alicization did in other words showing some huge confidence right from the beginning. I haven’t actually been able to find out whether it’s officially gonna be 20 plus episodes or around 24.

I do think it is right now the series has 20 light novels so this is definitely showing a lot of potential but anyway let me hear from you now!

Did you like the shield hero boy episodeone or does it seem too much like the typically isekai series? What do you think about this guy is starting from
rock bottom with the freaking shield?

See you guys later!