Piano No Mori Anime review

Hey guys, genki?

Today I’d like to bring you a quick review of an anime that I’ve just finished to watch called: “Piano no Mori” or “Forest of Piano” which was recently released on Netflix.

Is it worth to watch it or not?

Are you ready to check my review of Piano no Mori?

So let me start the review, Piano no Mori is a work make by Isshiki Makoto.

It was released recently as an original Netflix’s anime directed by Nakatani Gaku. It’s a story about 2 boys who have a totally different backgrounds!

One of them is Kai who is a son of a pros†i†ute and he loves to play the forest’s “haunted” piano.

The other one is Shuuhei who is from a rich family and has a famous pianist father.

Although the 2 boys have a different family structure and live in different worlds, the love for piano is something that they have in common.

One day, Shuuhei from Tokyo moved to Kai’s schooland the story starts from there.

I’ve found the synopse very interesting and it was the reason that made me want to watch this anime!

And as you guys already know xD

I truly love the anime genres of drama and slice of life!

And aw Gosh! I was in love since the 1st episode! x]

Just like “Your Lie in April”, the music that is played on this anime is marvelous too! So many feelings have emerged while I was listening to them!

I don’t have much knowledge with classical music but it didn’t puzzle me at all.. It was very pleasant to watch,, not to mention that they explain so many things in the anime, even when the characters are playing the piano =]

The part of the contests, competitions and rivalries since childhood kinda reminds “Your Lie in April”. But the drama that happens behind of it, the behavior, personality, the way that each character see and face the world are different from one anime to another.

Since Kai has grown up in a tough environment, he is more realistic, however super confident and independent!

As for Shuuhei,, he has grown up in an stable environment and pampered by his parents.

Although he is such a talented boy,, the insecurity haunts him..making him suffer from his insecurities and pessimism.

I really loved the way Kai faces the world, it inspired me a lot!

But I do understand Shuuhei at the same time,, as I’m an insecure person too x3

But I confess that some of his attitudes made me mad lol!

I didn’t cry like a baby but some of the scenes truly touched my heart!

I really loved the story line and I hope there will be a 2nd season!

The only thing I didn’t like is the fact that the animation was changing from 2d to 3d from time to time.

And it took my attention from the story and it bothered me a lot.

But as for the rest,, I loved everything! There’s so many cool messages on it!

I recommend you to check it out if you get the chance!

I hope you’ll get addicted to it from the very 1st episode just like it happened to me! ^^

What about you who is watching me right now,, did you watch Piano no Mori?

If you did, what’s your thoughts?

And you my fellow who haven’t watched it yet,,do you pretend to watch this anime now?

Let me know in the comment section! ^^

Well, that was my review and I hope you enjoyed! =D

Thank you so much for reading!
I hope to see you in the next review, okay? ^^

Big kisses and mata ne~!