Sword Art Online Alicization Season 3 Review

Sao season3 Alicization! I swear I’m not crying! 

Let’s get started! At the start of this episode you’re introduced to this new VR world along with a few new faces. First off you have young Eugeio which is Kirito’s best buddy. From this episode he kind of reminded me of Armin from attack on Titan. Eugeo hesitates and worries pretty often.

I mean Eugeo was even having nightmares and sweating balls after Alice’s adventure into the dark territory and it seems Eugeo needs the more wild Kirito to push him into doing things. As for the new blonde the young Alice already such an amazing cook at such a young age. I guess gotta give Asuna some competition for Kirito’s stomach!

From this first episode Alice seems a bit shy or modest in a way. Alice is a little similar to Kirito. Alice is not exactly looking for shortcuts but she will bend interpretation of certain rules to benefit their group. Early on you find out that she’s studying the world sacred magic although right now it looks like she could only do basic stuff. At this point of course the name Alice is in the title arc and her connection with the Underworld keeps on getting brought up a lot later so you know she’s gonna be super important! As for a returning figure young Kirito or is this really Kirito?

Compared to Eugeo Kirito seems to be this risk taker who prefers to find shortcuts in life. On top of this Young Kirito seems to like acting first and then asking questions later. At this point in time young Kirito and Eugeo are apprentices. They are trying to chop down that tree but at this rate they’re gonna take 900 years to cut it down.

Screw it better not waste your life on that! Next up let’s talk about this new

VR world Underworld so far I gotta say I’m entering this new world

it’s a place rich with color in some areas anyway. From this first episode you can see in that VR and the UI prompts are fully integrated into the lives of this world’s people. A good example is that S gesture done to examine the status of Alice’s goods or that big ass tree by Kirito. You learn that magic does exist in this world from the sacred arts which is demonstrated and studied by Alice. On top of this I’m liking the little additional details such as of weather being all of a sudden different when entering that ice cave. As for the time period it mentions a year 372 however based on the area their clothing and technology available it really reminds me of some medieval area, although let’s not forget they do have magic and other

who didn’t love seeing these two kiss Again? Time to make this marriage official! Although you might have to wait for the final SAO arc for that I bet!

Anyway now for that ending say hi to Johnny!

So the Laughing coffin corpse appears again with the final member in real life and come on Kirito. Your silly ass was actually trying to reach for your sword. He even doubles down with that sword stance and then that was so painful moment that followed.

I did love seeing Kirito push us on out of the way unfortunately there’s no random tag to stop the poison this time. The only strange part about this is that it looked like Johnny black passed out from getting stabbed from that umbrella. Either way goddamn with that cliffhanger!

As for some little fun moments throughout this episode I did like that scene when the trio got lost it was then followed by Kirito and Eugeo pointing in opposite directions. Both adorable and funny! A second fun little moment was when Asuna and Sinon logged out they left Kirito’s ass behind. As for some extra little details I appreciated it was nice getting that callback from Sinon’s finger gun gesture.

Slowly she’s been able to move forward and then you had
Asuna refer to she known as “Sinonon”.

These two have become really close buddies in the games now Asuna’s nickname for her has made its way into the anime. Next up I do have to talk about anime season three’s animation. You know I got a chance to see this on the big screen for the world premiere and let me just say that animation that’s low quality or lesser quality really stands out in these theater showings.

That being said ,  SAO Alicization episode 1 had quality on the level of the SAO ordinal scale movie. It looked freakin gorgeous. In fact there’s some of the best animation I seen from 2018 anime series however now that it’s officially out worldwide I was really looking for anything that looked off for my second viewing.

To be perfectly honest didn’t catch anything that looked all for low quality so fingers crossed at this high quality animation continues for 50 plus episodes. As for a few standout scenes from this first episode a first is that
a battle between the Integrity Knight and the Dark territory soldier. You really got a taste of this potential threat and opponents in this world.

A second notable scene is a hole Alice falling scene. It was pretty subtle but he could really feel the weight of the situation then BAM!
Slowly you see the fingertips ever so slightly touching the other side. You
know there’s trouble coming up. Another is Alice dropping her basket of ice. It’s followed by the ice quickly melting which is really a parallel to her dire
situation at hand. Then of course the standout moment is the whole GGO battle scene.

It really was just this adrenaline filled moment. The best part here for me
was seeing Asuna GGO just wielding that Lightsaber. I definitely had to check that out frame by frame!

Next up as for the opening for this Alicization beginning yeah they did it again

they managed to get me in tears one final time before the episode was over.

Right now I’m thinking about doing a whole video just on the opening alone.

There’s so much rich juicy details here. One thing that really stood out for me was Asuna on that water platform. A nice surprise for the inclusion of Yuna from the Ordinal scale movie! Of course for the actual opening song Lisa is back.

I’ve slowly become a huge Lisa fan from Crossing field and Catch the moment. I mean I listen to those songs so much. As for this new song already liking it from the start too. Slowly I’m sure that’ll blossom into a deeper connection soon enough.

Keep in mind this is four cours meaning you’re gonna get four openings!

Eri is coming back to do the ending by the way. That should be in the next episode. I could see Eri or Asuna’s voice actress doing one of the future openings too. By the way really quickly let me mention weekly reviews

Japan is doing so much promotion and merch releases right now for season 3. but anyway more important let me hear from you now.

Question of the day: How much did you love this first episode for
SAO season 3? What was that one standout moment for you? And what do you think is gonna happen to Kirito there at the end?

I’ll see you guys later!