What Is “That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime”?

What do you get when you want to make an isekai that involves a slime with a multitude of abilities, tsundere dragons, and a main charater’s whose dying wish is to make sure his computer is destroyed so that it could not be used to tarnish his memory in death?

Well surprisingly you’re given what has started out as one of the more wholesome shows this season.

That time I got reincarnated as a slime is an anime from the fall 2018 anime season produced by studio 8Bit. It follows the story of a 30 year old Japanese man from Tokyo who suddenly and tragically gets stabbed in the streets by an unknown assailant and whose soul is whisked away to be reincarnated in a fantasy world by some unknown female AI sounding entity.

The Entity also grants our new slime lord powers related to some of his dying thoughts and wishes to make something far more powerful than a regular slime.

The narrative in general is our slime protagonist trying to piece together how this new world works and to use the new powers at their disposal to both live and adapt, as well as surprisingly help those around them.

Because thankfully our protagonist is a rather kind hearted soul, in just the first several episodes they agree to help a Tsundere dragon eventually escape a magical prison that has them trapped for several hundred years, as well as agree to protect a small tribe of  All out of the goodness of their heart, if a heart is something slimes biologically have.

That’s really what I’ve been liking about this show though, it’s not an action oriented series though quick skirmishes do happen as this is still a fantasy world but it’s the execution of the world and the story that has seriously won me over because as I mentioned this has slowly started to become one of the more wholesome shows of the season.

What I’ve been enjoying is how the Slime has taken to problem solving in this new world, and how they happen to learn about this world’s rules and magical systems.

They don’t know that all powerful monsters give out equally powerful aura that are detectable for miles around till it’s told to them, they are really obvious to much of the inner workings and even those monsters who become loyal to the slime are afraid to mention these very basic laws of the universe because they fear the slimes power.

Each episode is also paced extremely well; it’s been awhile since I’ve watched a show that seriously feels like it’s half as long as it actually is.

I’ve finished every episode of this series so far exclaiming out loud ALREADY when the ED starts up because I seriously cannot believe
the episode is over!

I just don’t remember getting to the mid-break and now I have to wait a whole week it’s seriously depressing.


What I also seem to like at the moment is the lack of tropes from the isekai genre that have tired me as of late, mainly the very quick transition to fantasy harem that many isekai like to gravitate towards.

Now watching the show’s opening it’s somewhat clear that we will eventually be getting to that but I can hope that the series ends up
tackling that particular trope in a similarly enjoyable way as what we’ve been getting thus far.

I’m hoping for something more like Outbreak Company or Overlord, less like GATE or SAO in that regard.

Our slime Kirby deserves some kind of companionship but not one that dominates the narrative entirely.

What does worry me though with that is the Staff, as both the Studio 8Bit and the show’s director are the same alums who produced a series called Infinite Stratos back in 2011.

If you never watched it, good, don’t, it’s a series that fully embraces the kind of stupidly dumb harem tropes that I’ve despised right from the start of the first episode.

So the fact that we have a shared studio and director from said horrible harem series does give me pause, but considering we’ve made it through 3 episodes with nary an issue so far, I’m allowing myself to be hopeful.

But this is only my First Reaction to the series. Perhaps it’ll turn out quite different from what I’m expecting.

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