Attack on Titan season three.

“Was it horribly amazing or wonderfully terrible?”

Yeah unfortunately Attack on Titan season three is now on break.

So let’s go ahead and talk about how you felt about it. Was this the best attackers without a season so far before diving into this?

Just know I will be only talking about the enemy up until the uprising arc. Nothing past it and so probably is something I’ve actually seen some mixed feelings about this.

Some common complaints I’ve seen from some of you and online.

Where are all the titans?

 This is called attack on Titan. Is it not an yes, titans are part of this
story. An important part of the perhaps English translation for the story has been causing some confusio moment

The original name of the series she can get keynote is actually a name of something is not meant to be a reference to titans attackingor humanity fighting bank.

Second issue, I’ve seen it. Where is all the action?

There’s way too much talking. I think this actually may be a curse for attack on Titan season. One were the action scenes were elevated drastically in the enemy compared to the manga. It might’ve given some casual viewers impression that attack on Titan was your typical action is shown in series years later .

It turns out that it’s not and third majorcomponent I’ve seen, which is interesting that heroin was way too much of a pussy.

The season.

Why is Eren not angry anymore?

The whole carry through getting character development talk about boring would actually found surprising was just how many of you said he actually identified or like Aaron because he was always angry just like you.

I think I’ve always personally lean towards being calm myself, so perhaps I can’t relate as much. This angry nature of everyone from season one also made.

Eren seemed to me like the standard shown in protagonist. In other words, nothing new or two. The rest of the rich attack on Titan story made up for that.

If anything, now I do have to apply to say I’m a for taking this almost generic shown in character and making them into that much more.

So for those of you watching, let me ask you, where do you stand on the uprising arc?

Did you love it?

Did you hate it?

Did you have any of the major issues I mentioned above?

How does the tackle that in season three?

Comparative Season Two or season one, and there is a reason I’m asking you this, the attack otitis story coming up that’s passed the second half of season three is very much going to feel like the uprising are for the
season to be enemy, but close comparison would be game of thrones.

In other words, my attack on Titan is going to be getting more complicated, more layered,and of course a lot more political.

So if your answer to the stuff before was that you disliked or hated though pricing arc or ranked the lowest in the seasons, and this might not be good news for you anyway.

How does that tagline in season three compared to the other seasons?

For this?

Let’s first talk about the pacing for the uprising arc. The beginning of the uprising arc was heavily spit up for the enemy version attack on titan

season three covers chapters 50 1:52, so 22 chapters more or less, definitely less when you consider just how much it was cut out or condensed.

It was as if the attack on Titan manga got put into a blender. You then got some serving of that attack on Titan smoothie each week. Even Mongo Titan smoothie tasted that week and of course for this there’s complaints on both sides.

I’ve actually seen some people still mentioned that the pacing was super slow, which is kind of ironic and then you have a lot of manga purists that are hitting on this season.

So let me mention before going deeper into this, just to make it perfectly clear to you, I don’t necessarily believe the enemy has to adapt things.

One for one from the manga anime is a completely different medium from the drawn page. This is why there should be some flexibility with how the scenes, the characters and the story comes to life in animation, so it’s important to be open to change.

Change has the potential to make something good into something great potential. Here being the key, the opposite is also a very much a fact and amazing mango or now we’re seeing could potentially lose as emotional
impact characters could come up completely different from the original source and so on.

Next up, let’s talk about something really ugly, which is how the withstood, he handled the attacker tied in season three news or lack thereof, and he is seers down the line.

I think a lot of us will forget about this, but right now we’re here. Of course, none of us are inside the studio or TV network, which means that we could only speculate about the reasons why was it the decision of the studio?

Was there a contract of the TV network?

Was it something else at this point?

Who knows, but it did happen.

I think there’s a good chance that of attack on Titan season three did not err in this bigger network and instead on standard enemy channels, then this news about it being split would have been given out super early on and who knows, maybe they wouldn’t even have been taking a break.

They definitely wouldn’t have taken a week off during the past height food.

Oh, and talking about the typhoon and Japan, I’ve actually seen this kind of dumb rumor going around that the area got hit a lot harder than expected and this being the reason why attack on Titan season three is being delayed
until next year.

In case you’ve been misled into believing this. Let me completely kill this off.

There were study is under 30 minutes from where I live and trust me, we’re all doing fine here in Japan. That typhoon is in our memories now. It didn’t cause any drastic along lasting damage that has already been resolved.

Anyway, getting into attack on Titan a season three overall, definitely let me know which season you love the most and perhaps I’m not going to say a popular opinion, but except for the animation, I definitely prefer to attack and died in season three.

Overseas to it is harder to compare it to his advantage in season one.

Season one pretty much set up the entire story and that thing was twice the length of season three. On the other hand, season two and season three are more comparable. Season two really felt like this middle season that was helping to connect into the larger story introduced an attack of gout and Susan three, ironically a tech that in season three now feels similar to that too.

Since we’re only talking about the uprising arc for now.

Attack on that in season three has some very strong character development for almost every single character that excludes Aaron and his breakdown in the crystal cave of.

 Sorry if you didn’t like cry baby.Aaron historia going from this loss broken
girl into this very strong leader that ain’t need no man Erwin, with his motivation for fighting Titan is fully fleshed out or mostly anyway, leave my acronym with this horrible upbringing, fully revealed plus connection with Uncle Kenny army, with his continuing developing mindset about who the good guys are in this world and even because I’m, which I do admit with smaller, she has however, come around to the idea of leaving air to himself and because they’re really.

She started getting closer to other female buddies like Historia and yes, even horse boy had his little moment with Marlo and hitch. This is why a tech down in season three is going to serve as his key important point for the story, especially with the future events coming.

It’s going to go down in history.

It’s one of those seasons we keep looking back into there are so many attack on Titan fences that claimed the next arc to be the best part of it.

The attack on Titan story, but let’s be perfectly honest here.

It wouldn’t be crappy, but it wasn’t for these key character moments in the previous arc. It would be mindless fighting or action like your typical shown in series, like mentioned before. If he thought this uprising arc was boring,
well better get used to it since season four is going to be similar anyway, more important than me.

Now I’m going to sit you love or hate attack on Titan season three.

Which attack on Titan season?

It was the best.

In your opinion, and where do you think season three was lacking compared to the other seasons?

Was it the change in animation style and what were some of the standout moments for you this season?